T-CAP Tokyo Conference of Asian Pancreato-biliary Interventional Endoscopist

Meeting agenda of T-CAP 2014

June 27, Friday

Opening remarks (9:00-9:10)

Hiroyuki Isayama
Kazuhiko Koike
Hsiu-Po Wang

Session 1(9:10~10:30): What Is the Best Management of Malignant Hilar Stricture

Moderator: Keiji Hanada, Tiing Leong Ang

Endoscopic Management of Malignant Hilar Biliary Stricture (15min+5min) Jong Ho Moon
Stent-in-stent technique (10min) Hirofumi Kogure
Malignant Hilar Stricture with side-by-side metallic stenting (10min) Rungsun Rerknimitr
Discussion “SIS versus SBS” (10min)
EUS-guided biliary drainage for hilar obstruction (10min+5min) Do Hyun Park
Discusser: Hiroshi Kawakami, Iruru Maetani, Hiroyuki Isayama, Sundeep Lakhtakia, Peter Draganov, Dong Ki Lee

Coffee break (10:30-10:50)

Session 2(10:50-12:00): Free paper session 1 (Each paper: 6min+3min)

Moderator: Natsuyo Yamamoto, Hsiu-Po Wang

1. A pilot study of contrast enhanced harmonic endosonography (CH_EUS) using SONOVUE in the evaluation of suspected pancreaticobiliary and peri-ampullary malignancies Shannon Melissa Chan
2. Novel Metabolomics Markers for Characterization and Early Detection of Malignancy in Pancreatic Cysts Damien Tan Meng Yew
3. Procore biopsy needle versus standard aspiration needle for EUS-guided sampling of solid pancreatic masses: a randomized study Yun Nah Lee
4. Endoscopic pancreatic duct stenting for benign pancreatic duct obstruction in our hospital Masahiro Itonaga
5. EUS-guided vascular therapy; Coil deployment for gastric varices. -The first case in Japan- Akane Yamabe
6. A Prospective Feasibility Study of Preoperative Biliary Drainage Using a Fully-covered Self-expandable Metallic Stent for Pancreatic Head Cancer Osamu Togawa
7. Small cell versus large cell-sized stent for endoscopic bilateral stent-in-stent placement of metallic stents in malignant hilar biliary obstruction Sang Hyub Lee
8. Endoscopic management of bile leaks after hepato-biliary surgery or percutaneous biliary procedures. Tomoharu Yamada
Discusser: Takuji Iwashita, Shomei Ryozawa, Fumihide Itokawa, Ryan Ponudurai, Tiing Leong Ang, Christopher Khor,

FUJIFILM Corporation Luncheon Seminar (12:00-13:10)

Moderator: Ichiro Yasuda, Shomei Ryozawa

Pancreatic Cystic Lesions Peter Draganov
Recent Progress in Interventional EUS Yousuke Nakai

Poster & Exhibition round (13:30-14:00)

Session 3 Special Lecture (14:00-15:15)

Moderator: Masayuki Kitano, Sundeep Lakhtakia

Endoscopic management of ampullary lesion Nonthalee Pausawasdi
Metal stents in benign biliary strictures Arthur Kaffe

Session 4: T-CAP Statement of management of WON (15:15-17:30)

Moderator: Chris Khor, Hiroyuki Isayama,

1. Introduction of statement: Hiroyuki Isayama (5minutes)
2. The incidence and diagnosis of WON: Tsuyoshi Hayashi (15min + 5min)
3. Indication and timing of EN: Tiing-Leong Ann (15min + 5min)
4. Technical issues in endoscopic necrosectomy-1: Yousuke Nakai (10min + 5min)
Discussant: DW Seo, K Hanada, M Kuwatani, T Itoi, I Yasuda, F Itokawa, J Lau, T Hamada

Moderator: Thawee Ratanachu-ek, Shomei Ryozawa

5. Technical issues in endoscopic necrosectomy-2: Natsuyo Yamamoto (10min + 5min)
6. Complications, nutrition of EN: Takuji Iwashita (10min + 5min)
7. Endpoints, prognostic factors of EN: Rungsun Rerknimitr (10min + 5min)
8. Role of ERCP in WON with pancreatic duct disruption (PDD) Tsuyoshi Hamada (5min + 5min)
Discussant: R Ponnudrai, JH Moon, I Maetani, S Lakhtakia, A Irisawa, H Kogure, HP Wang, H Kawakami

Coffee break (17:30~18:00)

TaeWoong & CMI Satellite symposium (18:00~19:10):

Moderator: Hiroyuki Isayama, Thawee Ratanachu-ek

Endoscopic Treatment for Main Pancreatic Duct Injury Associated with Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis Myung-Hwan Kim
Place of Hepaticogastrostomy Guided by EUS for Biliary Drainage Manuel Perez Miranda

TaeWoong & CMI Dinner Party (19:15~21:00)

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